Bahias Islands, Honduras

Honduras has one of the best-cataloged tourist destinations in the world. Islas de la Bahias is a group of islands found in the Honduran Caribbean, among which seven beaches stand out: West Bay Beach, Chepes Beach, Dina Beach, West End Beach, Beach, Playa del Soldado and Cayos Cochinos. . Islas de la Bahias is one of the 18 departments of Honduras, with a total area of 260 km2 and located 30km from the Honduran coast. The largest of the Roatan Islands has an international airport that serves as a gateway to thousands of tourists who visit them annually to know and enjoy the wide variety of activities that this paradisaical place offers to all its visitors.

Image 1: Islas Bahías, Honduras.

The group of islands offers a variety of flora and fauna typical of the region and in which you can distinguish species that are typical of the place. Among the tourist attractions is Stone Castle: school of cameo, the sale of stone and carved snails. The beach and the sea with turquoise waters thanks to the purity of the beach, the little or no presence of vegetation and a natural barrier of stone or coral. For all visitors, a unique variety of extreme activities such as deep diving, night diving, surfing, mountain biking, climbing, climbing, paintball, and canopy are offered. Other activities that tourists can make visit botanical garden, museum, the viewpoint the view. It is also possible to practice fishing, a ride on the glass boat, including submarine rides, traditional horse rides along the beach, the opportunity to meet or learn traditional dances. The gastronomy of the area is also an attraction for all visitors and has the characteristic touch of the area and provides a culinary experience first. West Bay Beach has considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world thanks to its crystal clear waters and the impressive turquoise color. It offers a variety of activities in the sea such as Para-sailing, snorkeling, diving, charters tours and kiteboarding in addition to the wide variety of entertainment venues for all ages. Chepes Beach offers a relaxing experience to all its visitors and offers the opportunity to share with friends and families the harmonious sound of the calm waters, its turquoise color, and the relaxing atmosphere. Dina Beach is a natural spectacle surrounded by very healthy coral reefs in addition to its beautiful white sand and crystal clear water. When the night comes you can appreciate sunsets with family and friends as well as sparks of light that are observed in the sand during the night, which represents an unforgettable event for all visitors. West End Beach offers all visitors active nightlife in combination with nocturnal aquatic experiences such as underwater scooters, paddleboarding, and kayaking. The coast of this beautiful beach is adorned with small bars and restaurants inspired by European architecture.

Image 2: West End Beach, Honduras.

Bando Beach is another of the spectacular beaches that are characterized by being interwoven by small coconut palms. Like the previous beaches, it offers the wonderful beach with white sand, crystal clear water and reefs, among which you can do snorkeling and diving activities. The peculiarity of this beach is that it is private in nature.