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Read the following article to help you decide where and what type of property is for sale in Honduras. Get in touch with tips on how to own your own piece of paradise and more information on the most popular properties in the country.

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Ratan is the largest of the Honduras Bay Islands and borders Nicaragua to the west and has its own economy. The Roatan real estate has a population of about 1.5 million people with an average annual income of $2.2 million, but it is larger than the Bay Islands in Honduras.

Foreigners are not allowed to own property in Roatan unless the property is limited to 0.3 hectares within 40 kilometers of the sea or the national border or the land is within 1,000 square meters as defined by the Ministry of Tourism. Foreign buyers must obtain a visa to purchase property in Roatan if the land purchase is over 3,000 square meters. The investor visa category consists of providing at least 50,500 US dollars (50,000 US dollars) for a qualified project in Honduras. To be eligible for this investment, the property must include real estate in the form of land, real estate or other investment sources. If a company is established in the Honduran stock corporation, it must have been established and income in the form of dividends can be drawn from other investments or any other source.

The most developed of the Honduras Bay Islands is home to about 80,000 people, including many thousands of tourists who are there at all times. Take a look at Roatan, where a newly established multi-list of hotels and restaurants is offered in various areas of the island.

The beaches are wide and soft, and the deep water ports make it easy to import household items. The Cabo de Honduras peninsula is the most popular tourist destination in the Honduras Bay Islands. Honduras has a decent transport and communications country, but not as well as many other Latin American countries.

Caribbean island of Roatan, consider it as a possible destination for a real estate investment in Honduras. There is a good chance that Honduras will continue its positive progress towards stable economic development and that its real estate market will compete with others in the Caribbean over time.

The islands are in the western Caribbean, and Honduras has more than 50 of them. These form a region known as the Caribbean Islands, of which Roatan is the largest and most popular.

Despite the lack of infrastructure, Utila Guanaja with its visitors of various styles is a destination for a large influx of foreigners. The best city to invest, buy or live in to sell real estate is San Pedro Sula, considered the industrial capital. It is considered one of the most sought after properties in the country and has access to the whole country and Choluteca in the south.

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