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US company Denny's has announced it will run a company called Comidas Especializadas. Today marked the opening of a new restaurant in the city of Monterrey, Honduras, at Liberacion Blvd.

The restaurant is a mix of the states that make up Honduras, with paintings hanging prominently on the walls. The authenticity of the place is evident in the shells and fishing nets that remind us of the area where the owners once lived, as well as the colors and colors of Honduras.

This site has some of the most extensive and interesting hieroglyphics in the region and could come up with the best of them. It is not the official food of Honduras, but it should be everywhere, the only problem is that you have to go out and look for good, typical food in Honduras. The best food is not to be found in restaurants, but in small street vendors.

Carne asada (Honduras), accompanied by pickled red onions, performs in the photo and made with scrambled eggs and chorizo steak folded into a handmade flour tortilla for the occasion. In San Pedro Sula, where there are more fast food joints than ever in a fast food joint, they serve a giant baleada filled with everything you want. It consists of scrambled eggs, cheese, tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander, red onions and occasionally Orizo steaks folded into handmade flour tortillas.

Another must-eat food from Honduras is the mussel soup, which is made from mussels, potatoes and coconut milk. While in Central America and the Caribbean different versions of conching soup are found, it is used in Honduras. According to Seafood, the most sustainable conks come from Honduras, so order the soup.

Most Honduran restaurants usually serve an American breakfast, but locals like to drink their coffee. Mexican tostada, which you will see in places like Playa del Carmen or perhaps the most popular dish of the restaurant, the baleada is a typical Honduran breakfast tortilla filled with beans, cheese and crema. Honduran enchiladas are soft tortillas stuffed with meat, beans and cheese and covered in sauce. Another classic dish from Hundura is the Tajada Molina, served with fried slices of green plantain.

A typical meal in Honduras usually includes grilled meats, beans, cheese, tortilla chips and a variety of other dishes. For lunch and dinner, a typical plate of fried plantains, chicken, pork, beef, fish, eggs, vegetables and beans is prepared.

The selection includes a little of everything, but its absolute specialty is the fish stuffed with shrimp. Lunch is served with tasty baked chicken, beef, seafood and salad dishes, as well as a variety of other dishes such as chicken and pork sandwiches.

From the Atlantic coast to the Bay Islands, fresh fish is the best food choice in Honduras. While exploring marine life is relatively cheap compared to other dive sites in Central America and sunsets are free to enjoy, the islands are a bit expensive when it comes to food. After visiting the ruins of Copan, dinner in Honduras is certainly the highlight of your trip.

Here you will find restaurants and cafés serving excellent cuisine and drinks ranging from traditional Honduran dishes to international dishes, as well as a wide selection of drinks and cocktails.

There are other cities where fast food is becoming more and more important, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. Major American restaurant chains are also appearing more and more frequently in Honduras, with Taco Bell in San Pedro Sula, the capital of Honduras and one of the country's most popular restaurants. Honduras, Honduras' second largest city by population, has seen an increase in the number of visits from the US in recent years, while Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica have seen the largest increase in interactions associated with the issue.

The restaurant Adler und Röchen, this unassuming restaurant, is quite uninteresting. Next to the bakery there is a café, a bar and a small café, in between a few small restaurants.

They also offer Port Royal Export Pilsner from Honduras, which I would recommend, as well as a few other beers. There are no major Honduran rum producers, but Nicaragua's excellent Flor de Cana is everywhere, and some distilleries have established themselves on both sides of the border.

I was born and raised in beautiful tropical Honduras and can proudly say that I know the best Honduran food that everyone should try at least once in their life. I # ve tried it with other Central American countries, but I recommend you to try Honduras too. Take a culinary journey through Central America in this series of articles that examines the food and drink of Central American countries. If you ever visit tropical Hondurans in the heart of Central America, this list of foods will show you what to try. All information is provided here, except for a brief description of each restaurant in Honduras and a link to its website.

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